Accessories for Matebook X Pro (with or without Ubuntu)

I purchased two accessories for Matebook X Pro so far. If I buy more, I'll update this page.

-- KIZUNA Laptop sleeve 13inch

It doesn't fit Matebook X Pro very tightly (as seen below, there is a bit of room [I left a USB stick for size comparison]).

Maybe I should've gotten the following which seems tighter.

-- Verbatim USB-C SD card adapter

I got the following.

The reviews do not seem great (3.7 out of 5 as of now), but I actually find it excellent. Some complain not supporting higher speed or something, but this is the only one that supports UHS-II for now among those having USB-C connection. Some complain that the awkward position when connected (see the below photo).

But this is due to the fact that the USB-C port is completely hidden underneath the adapter (so that the adapter becomes quite compact when it's being carried). See below.

So I really like it.

Matebook X Pro on sale at Amazon

The lower speced one (i5, 8gb, 256gb) is on sale.

SSD is upgradable, so if you stick a 512gb or a 1TB one, this will be a nice machine. Information on hiw to replace SSD is below :

This matebook X pro doesn't have a dedicated GPU, so you can skip the part on GPU in the above link.

The following is probably a better alternative for thermal grease for most of people.

Samsung SSD stick (500gb) is reasonably priced here.

[SOLVED] Display mirroring in Matebook X Pro with Ubuntu NOT WORKING

I learned today that the mirroring option isn't available in Ubuntu 18.04 installed on Matebook X Pro, as shown below. Anybody has a solution for this? (I tried both in HDMI and VGA to get the same result.)

I googled a solution in vain. Is it the problem of MX150?

EDIT: I found a reason why mirroring wasn't working. The resolution of the external monitor was not registered in the Ubuntu installed. Here is how you add custom resolution.

You need to add the adequate resolution that works on the external monitor for mirroring to work.

Matebook X Pro has no SD card slot.

I take pictures sometimes using my Fujiflim X Pro 2 (what a coincidence!). Since Matebook X Pro has no SD card slot, I've decided to get a dongle. I needed one that has USB-C since that would make it easier to use both on Matebook X Pro and Pixel 2 mobile phone. I ended up getting this.

It's a bit awkward when attached as seen here, but it is much easier to carry than the other dongles that has a port sticking out. I can just carry it in my pocket.

It has UHS-II and SDXC compatibility, i.e., it is fast and can be used with most of (virtually every) SD cards.

Several weeks of Ubuntu on Matebook X Pro

I've been using Ubuntu on Matebook X Pro for several weeks. Here is what I think about the laptop, compared to my previous experience with Ubuntu on XPS 13 (9560) and Macbook Pro (2015).

-- keyboard: I would say it's par with Macbook Pro (2015) [pre crap-keyboard version], but I find that the keyboard on XPS 13 (9560) is slightly better than Matebook X Pro I just don't get why computer manufacturers are crazy about shallow keyboard.

-- trackpad: Macbook is by far the best. With Ubuntu on Matebook X Pro, if I don't restart the OS once in a while, the trackpad gets funkier sometimes (like recognizing single tap as double tap). It requires a restart once in a while (with 18.04, except the trackpad issue, I didn't see any reason to restart it once in a while). Macbook is really good at ignoring an accidental tap, I wish a similar implementation is possible with any Windows/Ubuntu laptops (I haven't heard of any so far).

-- screen: I'm still amazed by 3:2 ratio.…

Installation of Ubuntu 18.04 on Matebook X Pro with dual boot of Windows

So I finally installed Ubuntu 18.04 on Matebook X Pro. The bottom line is that pretty much everything works. Exceptions are: fingerprint sensor (never expected it to work), speakers (only 2 speakers out of 4 work, but it's enough), a few function keys (I haven't fully checked, but at least screen brightness, keyboard backlight and volume keys work, which I think is enough as well).

For dual booting with Windows, one needs to shrink partition for Windows. See the following link for that.

Then download Ubuntu from and put it on USB dongle. (Fortunately, Matebook X Pro has a USB-A port!) Plug it in, restart computer, press F12. And the rest is pretty much automatic.

Here is a screenshot showing that things are good!

There is a report of high CPU usage with nVidia driver for MX150. It recommends sticking with the default driver that came with Ubuntu instead of using a proprietary driver by nVidi…

Clean install of Windows (for dual booting and security concern) for Matebook X Pro

Clean install of Windows onMatebook X Pro


#1. For dual booting of Windows and Ubuntu, I often needed change a bios setting or two with Dell laptops.

More specifically, stock Windows was installed with secure-boot enabled in the bios and RAID set-up with Dell laptops. If I install Ubuntu on top of it, Ubuntu wouldn't boot; to be able to boot Ubuntu, I had to change the bios set-up into "secure-boot" disabled and AHCI (instead of RAID). Then, however, I couldn't boot Windows.  To resolve this issue, one needed to re-install Windows with "secure-boot" disabled and AHCI, so that the two OS can boot without changing BIOS set-up whenever I switch to the other OS.

#2. Some are worried that there might be a back-door by Huawei to access personal information, so they choose to clean-install. For the peace of mind, I decided to the same.

It turned out that #1 was not an issue. I couldn't even find the set-up item for AHCI vs RAID. I think it's AHCI …